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You must be on the Christmas ride after the tough time of the pandemic. You are preparing at your level best to re-bring enjoyment and contentment to your life. It is good but do you have enough funds to accomplish your purpose? Is your bank account accumulating sufficient money? If not, a Christmas loan is the perfect way to do it.

It is a type of unsecured personal loan specially dedicated for the special day of Christmas. One can also say it is an all-around loan because it helps you manage every sort of expense from the corner. Traditional lenders also provide these loans, but loans from direct lenders in the UK have their own significance

HugeLoanLender is a responsible private lender offering a Christmas loan on the flexible lending norms. We invite every individual irrespective of credit score and employment condition to get the loans and celebrate the festival with great fervour.

We offer loans on borrower- friendly features in which some of them are mentioned below- –

  • Borrow the amount up to £25000
  • Choose the loan term from 12 months to 60 months
  • No collateral is needed to secure the amount
  • Interest rate starts from 7.9%
  • Flexible repayment modes: fortnightly, weekly and monthly
Christmas Loans


Christmas loans in the UK are available in significant numbers. Still, not all of them can ensure the fulfilment of every expense of this big day. You must have several aspirations in your mind, like arranging a dinner party with the whole family, going for outings with close friends and enjoy Christmas games with siblings.

Given below are the few purposes for which you can acquire loans through direct lending:

  • Home Improvement: You may need extra funding while improving the interiors, exteriors, or both before Christmas arrives. It can be kitchen, washroom, dining room or garden.
  • Gift Purchasing: You will love to surprise your near and dear ones with a surprising gift this Christmas. You can continue with your objectives by having loans alongside you
  • Christmas shopping: Who likes to have shopping for this grand occasion? Indeed, everyone would like to have Christmas shopping. You can do it without any worry about cash shortage.
  • Purchasing a new vehicle: Why not make this Christmas more special by buying the new car of your dreams? Of course, you cannot manage the whole car amount, but you can use small funding for making down payment.
  • Christmas holidays: British people want to go for holidays during the Christmas season to refresh their minds and bring new joy to their lives. We are ready to support your wishes by offering adequate funding.


You have many plus points while availing of any loan in the marketplace. At the same time, there are some restrictions that borrowers have to accept. One of them is related to the applicant’s bad credit score. The same happens when someone applies for funding to celebrate Christmas. In such a scenario, Christmas loan for bad credit are useful.

Christmas is all about joy and happiness. You can quickly get loans even though your credit history is not supporting you. We are your financial partner in tough times, and you can approach us anytime to avail of loans despite past credit errors.

Two factors determine your approval on a bad credit loan – No Credit Check and Current Financial Performance.

  • No Credit Check: – We are among the few direct lenders in the UK providing Christmas loan with no credit check. We do not assess your past credit if you can afford the loan repayments and earn a stable monthly income. New borrowers with no credit history can also obtain this facility.
  • Current Financial Performance: – We know no credit check can be risky for a lender, but still, we provide it. You can quickly get bad credit Christmas loans if your recent financial commitments are satisfactory and showing improvement in the credit scores.

An Alert: HugeLoanLender offers affordable loans where loan amount and interest rates are finalised according to the applicant’s capacity. Borrowing funds more than your capacity can further damage your credit scores.


We have made it clear that loan for Christmas with bad credit is possible with us. We are equally dedicated to this so that your celebrations can have a financial push.

By continuing with our aim of ensuring adequate financial help, we have brought significant loan benefits despite a less-than-perfect credit score. Some of them are explained below:-

christmas loans for bad credit
  • Convenient Loan Procedure

    Over the years, people with bad credit scores have to submit many documents to support their loan applications. We have changed that trend and keep 100% online procedure with almost no paper to submit.

  • Quick Christmas Funding

    If your loan application gets our nod, we do not take too much time to release the funds to your bank account. In fact, we do it on the same day without delaying the proceedings.

  • More chances of a guaranteed approval

    When we accept your Christmas loan request, it means you have a better chance of guaranteed loan approval with us. We may not guarantee the loan approval, but no leave no opportunity to make it possible for you.

  • Credit score enhancement

    We have flexible repayment terms making it convenient for you to pay all the loan instalments on time . Once you make all repayments on time, it will have a positive impact on your credit score.

  • No early repayment charges

    Many lenders put unnecessary charges on the early repayments for applicants with poor credit histories. We do not follow this and charge no extra fee for early loan repayment whether you have good or bad credit.

Doorstep Loans for People on Benefits


It is well clear now you can get a Christmas loan with bad credit. The next step is to apply for the loans. You may wonder, is the application procedure simple or a bit lengthy? Should you submit a lot of documents of your credit record?

We want to inform you that our loan procedure is highly digitalised and runs on the online platform. It means you have to submit an online loan application form and get approval if everything goes fine.

The steps are as follows:-

  • Apply Online: Submit an online query on our website by filling a single-page form. It requires only a few personal details that should be genuine. Click on the ‘submit’ link once you have done with it.
  • Application Assessment: Our loan experts will take a quick review of all the details mentioned. It will take a few minutes, and they will contact you early if there is some correction required or not.
  • Get Loan Approval :After reviewing your loan details, we approve your loan application straightway. It will be done within an hour of the application being reviewed, which means you have a chance of same-day approval.
  • Receive amount on the same day: Yes, you get the amount on the same day of the application submitted. We will do an online bank transfer so that you can plan early for Christmas and manage all the expenses.


We receive a lot of queries from our borrowers whether they can get a Christmas loan on benefits or not? Yes, we offer loans on benefits, especially when it is about your celebration for the special day like Christmas.

Traditional lenders may not be interested in offering the same as they consider unemployed people as risky borrowers. They are not sure about the repayment capacity of these individuals, even if they are receiving unemployment benefits.

On the other hand, we take a flexible approach and are ready to accept those benefits as the repayment source. Not only jobless people but also disabled individuals can use this benefit.

The features of Christmas loans on benefits are:-

  • The interest rates are competitive in the market or better than conventional lenders
  • You can get the funding until finding the new job
  • You can borrow the amount on the strength of those benefits
  • We accept applications of those unemployed who are receiving but want to become self-employed
  • Repayments will remain on the flexible side means you can choose the ideal term for you

An important note: Despite the acceptance of loans on benefits, we offer only affordable loan deals. The final interest rate and loan term will be decided only after assessing your current income capacity through those benefits or part-time employment.


You are falling short of cash to prepare for Christmas. It is the reason why you need a Christmas loan from a reliable source. HugeLoanLender offers genuine deals on Christmas loans with little impact on your credit history and employment status.

We want to ensure a complete Christmas merriment without any financial worries. We have kept our loans on the flexible route where possible deals are available on fast outcomes.

There are many more things we bring into your favour. These comprise of:-

  • Honest Lending

    Our deals are affordable according to the borrowers’ current financial capacities. We do not charge anything extra other than the interest rates. The rate you receive in the initial loan quote, you pay only this.

  • Clear Objectives

    We have set our objectives through which we work and frame loan deals. Our primary concern is to provide funds for your Christmas expenses and add more to your festive joy.

  • Proper loan guidance

    You may have confusion or doubt on any loan condition. Or you want a little bit of guidance to use the borrowed funds carefully. Our loan experts are ready to serve your purpose without charging any additional cost.

We are ready to fund your every Christmas expense, which you can use for any purpose. Our loans are less expensive than others and involve minimum risks for the borrowers. Indeed, you want to connect with us. You can continue with your online query and get our instant loan decision followed by a same-day fund disbursal.

 Christmas Loans FAQs

How much amount can I get with Christmas loans?

Christmas loans are available for the minimum amount of £1000, which goes up to a maximum of £10000. Other than that, many factors determine the final amount, such as:-

  • Your affordability
  • Current financial needs
  • Your income capacity

What are the purposes of availing of Christmas loans?

Christmas loans are usually applied for getting funded to fulfil many festive purposes:-

  • Purchasing gifts
  • Home improvement
  • Christmas holidays
  • Festive shopping
  • Purchasing car
  • Arranging family party

These are the common purposes of applying for Christmas Loans. However, some people also apply for improving their credit scores.

Where to get the best Christmas loans in the UK?

Traditionally, Christmas loans in the UK are available from traditional lenders like banks and other financial institutions. Nowadays, the trends are in favour of online lenders.

Borrowers have a better chance of getting easy funding with flexible norms. Other factors like online application, no paperwork and acceptance of bad credit make online lenders the best to offer loans for Christmas in the UK.

Are Christmas loans for bad credit available with no guarantor too?

Yes, Christmas loans for bad credit with no guarantor are available, but only from online lenders. Unlike mainstream lenders, they are more flexible in their lending approach.

Online lenders accept the current monthly income as the repayment source instead of making bad credit or guarantor as the loan criteria.

How do I repay Christmas loans?

Repaying Christmas loans is not a big deal nowadays, thanks to the online lending platform. You just have to tell a set date each month on which the lender automatically deducts the repayment amount from your bank account.

With this, you have the liberty to choose any of the Christmas loan repayment modes:

  • Fortnight repayment
  • Weekly repayment
  • Monthly repayment

How Christmas loan improve the credit score?

Christmas loans usually are available for every credit score. It means if you have a bad credit score, you can still apply for Christmas funding.

You get the loans on your affordability. You receive the actual amount, which you can repay quickly. These things make it easier for you to make all monthly instalments on time and improve your credit score later.

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