Warning: HugeLoanLender charges neither upfront fees nor hidden fees. You will pay only interest along with what you owe.

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HugeLoanLender is a private lender for short-term loans with years of experience. We are established on the pillars of trust that our borrowers show in us. Our lending solutions are committed to offering fair services to fund seekers with bad credit situations. Through timely completion of the application and fund transfer process, we ensure practical support to the borrowers.

About us

HugeLoanLender offers varied short to medium term loans to bad credit people with no upfront fee or hidden charges. Every deal has a customisation feature, due to which the borrower gets a lower rate and affordable instalments. We offer personal loans, instant decision loans, bad credit loans, instalment loans, debt consolidation loans, 1000 to 10,000 Pound loans, very bad credit loans, etc. All loan options are available irrespective of credit score status.

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 Most popular bad credit loan options From Private Lender

Due to the lower rate and desired number of installment months, these loans are always in demand. The poor credit people need sudden money during a money crisis. The installment loans fulfil this need conveniently.

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It is among the most popular in the market because borrowers 12 months sound like idol duration. It is not very small and not very long loan tenure. Also, during this duration, the borrowers can improve their poor credit situation.

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If you want to get funds within an hour, we can arrange for that through doorstep service on our loans. These have no additional charges, and you get the money right in your bank account. Experience instant lending with no added cost.

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How it works


HugeLoanLender works with a commitment to its lending principle that aims to keep the high standards of the services. With user-friendly features, we ensure the timely attainment of funds and a smooth journey throughout the tenure. Our procedure is predictable to make sure that the borrower has the right experience without any confusion. We know during a money crisis, it becomes really difficult to struggle with the complicated loan procedure.
100% online process

100% online process

From application to money transfer, everything happens online. Verification, too, happens online.

No purpose constraint

No purpose constraint

You can borrow funds for any reason. We do not present a list of questions to ask why you borrow.

Assured data security

Assured data security

Whatever personal and financial details you share, we assure you they remain secret and do not go to a third party.


We understand the expectations of the borrowers from a direct lender. It is our responsibility to fulfill those expectations, and for that, we keep our services equipped with certain features that can help us serve you well. We have to follow the lending rules and serve the customers in the right manner. You can read below some reasons that explain about us exactly the way we work. For all sorts of small and medium-term financial needs, you can depend on this platform.
No upfront fee
No upfront fee

We are dedicated to provide transparent lending services. Upfront fee is not a legal thing and we do not charge it from our borrowers.

Seasonal offers
Seasonal offers

We keep giving timely offers to our new and existing customers. Lower rates, flexible repayment plans, extension in tenure etc. programmed for your comfort.

Competitive deals
Competitive deals

Although it is your right to compare the deals but we can assure that all our deals are competitive. You can apply and can experience on your own.

How we treat bad credit borrowers during pandemic conditions?

The prevalent financial issues in the lives of the people present multiple challenges, and we try our best to offer ease to them. If you are also among many of those struggling to balance personal finances, we can provide timely funds. With some other features attached to the loan deals, we can support you to achieve financial respite.

  • Simpler procedure for payment holiday – If you face any issue in repaying funds, we can offer a payment holiday. We gave it to many of our customers during the pandemic through a simple procedure that completes online. You just need to show, and you have a source of income in the coming months after the payment holiday.
  • Reschedule repayment plans - This facility is applicable on all loans, including the very bad credit loans, without any added cost for this facility. We want you to get rid of your poor credit situation smoothly and borrow funds to be stable in life. It is important for us that you contact us, as only in that case we can help you at the right time.
  • Payment protection insurance – If you want to ensure that your repayments regularly come in case of an accident or illness, we have PPI. Payment protection insurance covers a certain percentage of your loan. In case of any illness or any unforeseen issue, the PPI keeps paying your installments. It has sent a great relief to many of our customers.
  • The extended loan limit for existing customers – If you are an existing poor credit borrower with a good repayment history in past months, we are more than happen to help you. Next time if you borrow funds from HugeLoanLender, we can provide an extended loan limit. We can take you closer to the maximum borrowing limit of a loan product.

How do Private Lender decide to lend you money with bad credit?

Many of our borrowers have this question. They want to know how do we private lenders in uk judge them on the parameter of affordability despite their bad credit situation and provide funds conveniently. We have some parameters to judge the applicant for approval. The parameters are easy to qualify, which is why most of the fund seekers apply to us to get approval. We have a higher approval rate of 99%.

  • Current repaying capacity - Your repaying capacity against the borrowed money is our biggest concern. With the help of your current income situation, we check whether you can pay installments at the right time or not. If the present-day earning situations are stable, you can even get bad credit car loans as we have no purpose constraint. Most of the applicants with a poor credit situation easily qualify for loans on these parameters.
  • Employment stability - It is significant for us that you have stability in your career. We prefer to consider the loan applicants who are working with the same employer for at least the last 6 months. It is a necessary condition to check your employment stability. People with frequent changes in jobs may not sound promising. If you need to apply for a loan, especially with a poor credit situation, it is necessary to pay attention to this point.
  • Government benefit as income - Yes, this point proves one more thing: we provide loans to those living on benefits. Besides, despite their bad credit, we consider them. Unlike the other finance companies, we believe your government benefits as part of the income. You can apply for loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits and can experience it. We just need ample proof of receiving benefits, and then we can approve.

Guaranteed approval for the financially stable applicants

The reason behind 99% approval rate of our loans is our strategy of guaranteed approval. If the fund seeker qualifies on all parameters, it is our commitment to provide guaranteed loans for bad credit situation. Direct lending is destined to offer convenient funds to financial requirements. Due to this principle, we offer funds on simpler terms and conditions and try to follow the rules of next-generation online lending. Delay is never a part of our loan procedure, as from application to money transfer, everything happens rationally, which gives a natural speed to the complete process.

Financial circumstances are sometimes unpredictable. At that time, the need for money may put you in a difficult situation. Not always your savings are sufficient, not get timely help from your friends or relatives. Why depend on someone else if you can manage to help yourself with the bad credit loans by direct lenders. A simple online procedure and funds get transferred to your bank account. Isn't that a reliable way to solve your financial issues independently? Yes, it is.

HugeLoanLender is dedicated to providing rational and convenient lending services. Our dedicated team of relationship managers offers timely support whenever required with personal attention. The 365 days availability of funds for your financial needs is the biggest support as you can borrow irrespective of festive holidays. Do you need funds? Then get ready to avail of reasonable deals on instant loans for bad credit with no credit check. We are right here to serve you with uncompromised services.


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