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 Looking for Guaranteed Loans From Direct Lender? You Still Have a Chance

Your financial life does not guarantee you the right balance and for a long time. You may have to face a mess at some point that dismantles all your financial progress. Ironically, a guarantee may not be for your perpetual financial balance, but there is a guaranteed loan from Direct Lender.

You may feel surprised for - how can be guaranteed loans in the UK possible when no lender can guarantee the loan approval? It is correct that no lender can guarantee the loan, but efforts can be there to relax a borrower with the same.

On most occasions, the lender can approve the loan application when it is either backing up by the guarantor’s presence or securing by an asset. It means there is a ‘third-party guarantee to convince the lender that its funds are secure. If the primary borrower fails to repay, the guarantor will repay the amount, or the lender can possess the pledged asset.

What happens if you do not have a guarantor or no asset to pledge? It is where HugeLoanLender stands with you and bring another option ofguaranteed payday loan. In this, the loan approval depends upon an individual’s income capacity and loan affordability.

How to Attract 100% Guaranteed Loans

When you have to seek borrowing, you indeed want to have a guaranteed acceptance on loans. Not only you, but it is the wish of every borrower. Lenders are bound to this, and they cannot guarantee the loan approval.

We are the new-age lenders and ready to offer conditional approval on your loan application. Still, you need to be well-prepared before seeking a loan from us. Make efforts in these pointers:

  • Seek small amount

It is the best way to get the guaranteed approval. Lenders do not feel risk in lending small amount as they feel with a larger amount. If the borrowers fail to repay, they can compensate this from the interest rates charged on the loans.

  • Continue with your full-time income

Lenders are always happy to offer funds to those with full-time income. It is because they can feel secure in getting proper repayments and less chance of missing any instalment.

  • Be sincere to Loan Application Process

You seek guaranteed approval, and you have to be 100% sincere during the loan application procedure. It is correct that the process is simple and straightforward, but still, you have to follow it without any mistake.

These few points can be very crucial in obtaining loans on guaranteed approval.

Why Do You Need Guaranteed Approval on Payday Loans?

You are going to apply for the loans because of some reasons. Of course, it will be a financial emergency. Still, why only guaranteed payday loans in the UK? Why not any other personal loans?

There are strong reasons why you need these loans only:-

  • You have a bad credit score

Your poor credit history obliges you to look for the guaranteed approval. Not many lenders are ready to approve your application, especially when you have a less-than-perfect credit score. However, we provide the same.

  • You don’t like to reveal your credit score

As mentioned above, we approve your loan application based on your income, not your credit history. Therefore, it is perhaps the best way to get funding without allowing lenders to check and reveal your credit score.

  • You get denied from the conventional loan

Another possible reason to look for payday loans on guaranteed acceptanceis disapproval from conventional lenders. They are not as flexible as we, the direct lenders, and thus, you have a better chance of loan approval.

If you have any of these reasons, you are in a better condition to take the benefits of guaranteed loans.

Types of Loans Available on Guaranteed Approval

HugeLoanLender is the new-age lender and takes one step ahead of other lenders in the UK. Where other lending institutions hesitate to make efforts on guaranteed loan approval, we do only this by providing various loans on assured acceptance.

Types of Guaranteed Loans


Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed

  • Approval on your part-time income
  • Opportunities also to those who want to become self-employed
  • Funding to retired individuals
  • Acceptance on benefits received

Guaranteed Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Consolidate your debts without any hassle
  • Enjoying paying a single interest rate instead of many
  • Flexible repayment options

Guaranteed Logbook Loans

  • Obtain loans on lower interest rates
  • Get long-term funding for large financial goals
  • Amount equal to the pledged vehicle

Guaranteed Unsecured Personal Loan

  • Loans for any purpose
  • No risk of losing the asset
  • Approval on loan affordability
  • Competitive interest rates


Is there any chance I have with Bad Credit?

Having a poor credit history does not mean you do not have loan chances at present. In the well-modernised lending of the UK, options are now available for you, irrespective of your credit score. There is nothing impossible, andguaranteed loans for bad credit from direct lenders are quite a possibility.

Such loan deals clearly show that you get the loan approval not on your past but based on these factors:-

  • Your Repayment Capacity

What is your repayment capacity? Do you know? If not, then you should do this and then apply for the loans. It helps you to borrow on your affordability and pay each instalment without missing any.

  • Your Present Financial Performance

If your credit history is not satisfactory, your present performance is highly appreciable. We can approve your loan application. It means you should pay all your current bills on time and show sincerity in managing your finances.

If you are good in both these conditions, you obtain the following ADVANTAGES after getting bad credit payday loans on guaranteed approval:

  • Getting the acceptance with blemished or poor credit record is itself a significant benefit;
  • You have a better chance of improving your credit score by making full use of a flexible repayment schedule;
  • Bringing the guarantor is not compulsory as we follow the flexible lending policies. As being a direct lender, we even offer bad credit loans on guaranteed approval with no guarantor.

Can I Expect Guaranteed Loans with No Credit Check?

As bad credit can be an obstacle in getting a loan, a credit check may be another issue that borrowers with poor credit usually face. If the credit score is good, then it is not an issue. In the case of poor credit, it certainly becomes an obstacle.

At HugeLoanLender, we can offer guaranteed payday loans with no credit checkbased on these conditions:-

  • Your recent credit performance should be very good;
  • You should be improving in your credit score;
  • You must be earning at least £700 monthly.

With guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders with no credit check, you can only gain a small amount to borrow.

It helps you in dual ways: First, you can obtain quick funds to eradicate the effects of financial emergency. Second, there is a little chance that you miss loan repayments due to the small monthly instalments. However, the interest rates may be on the higher side.

Guaranteed Loans for People on Benefits


Most lenders put the guaranteed loans for the personal purposes of the borrowers, not for the businesses. We are the new-age lender, and we have changed the trends by offeringbad credit business loans from guaranteed approval in the UK.

This deal is mainly for small businesses or start-ups, as they need more money to expand their business wings. The primary features of these loans are:-

  • You can obtain necessary funds despite lower credit history because the approval comes on your annual earning;
  • You should have a business plan that can guarantee your capacity for loan repayment;
  • You must be running your start-up for at least 6 months;
  • The loan procedure remains online with no heavy paperwork required;
  • There may be soft credit check only to ensure affordable loan deals.

We are the responsible private lender in the UK and guide our prospective borrowers about everything. We want to inform you that you may have to pay higher interest rates to get bad credit business startup loans on guaranteed approval in the UK.


You may find the same products from different lenders, but we provide you with a unique experience of different products from the same lender. Yes, HugeLoanLender is not only a loan provider but your true financial ally.

We understand what consequences that you face when there is a financial emergency. It creates the need for getting instant funding access, and we provide the same. In fact, we take the word ‘same’ more seriously and offerguaranteed same day loansirrespective of poor credit or unemployment status.

Try to apply as early as possible in a day so that you can get early approval from us. If your loan application is approved, we usually transfer the desired amount within 24 hours.

The repayments are flexible, making it easier for you to follow the schedule throughout the loan term. It also contributes to credit score improvement.

Responsibility and reliability are the two key ingredients of our financial assistance. If you need to secure guaranteed payday loans for bad credit from direct lenders, we are always here for you. Do not think too much. Rather, start applying today and you will be highly satisfied with us.

 Guaranteed Loans FAQs

How much amount with guaranteed loans can I get?

The final borrowing amount that you can get on guaranteed loans depends upon your loan guarantee. In general, the maximum amount you can get is £25000. The better is if you apply according to your loan affordability. Borrow the amount which you think is repayable throughout the life of the loan.

Can I get guaranteed loans with no credit check?

A few lenders like us are open to accepting applications on guaranteed loans with no credit check. However, checking the credit score is mandatory for every lender, but we can take that risk on the following conditions:-

  • Recent financial performance should be good
  • Improvement in your credit score
  • Applying for loans for the first time with no credit history

Are secured loans guaranteed?

Yes, secured loans fall into the category of guaranteed loans. It is because the borrowers have pledged the collateral against the loan amount. The lender can ensure the missing repayments with the possession of that asset. Thus, it does not hesitate to offer guaranteed loans to those aspirants.

Are guarantor loans guaranteed?

There is no doubt about the acceptance of guarantor loans with guaranteed approval. A guarantor is like a secondary borrower who is responsible for repaying the remaining amount that the primary borrower has missed. It clarifies that the lender has the assurance of getting back the lending amount from either the main borrower or the guarantor. Therefore, you get guaranteed loan approval.

What loans are guaranteed?

As per the authority’s norms, no lenders can advertise their loan products as guaranteed loans. It must be according to the affordability of the borrowers. Still, a few loans can be available on a guaranteed basis if:

  • Loans are backed up by valuable asset
  • Loans are co-signed by the guarantor or co-signer
  • Loan repayments are guaranteed with sufficient income capacity

Is It Possible To Get a Guaranteed Loan If You Are Unemployed?

It can be yes or no. No lender can assure you guaranteed loan acceptance if you are unemployed. You need to show your repayment capacity, but it is difficult with the absence of full-time income. However, you can have approval if you show the capacity of part-time earning or unemployment benefits. In that case, you only get a small amount to borrow.

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