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What Are Installment Loans?

Huge Loan Lender is a responsible lending hub, continually working for the financial well-being of its customers. Ever since we started, maintenance of trust with our customers has always been on the forefront. We are known for engaging the efficient loan deals to meet monetary purposes of our customers.Instalment loans are one of the classic examples, which show our reliability in lending service. The loans enable borrowers to borrow funds conveniently and repay the amount in instalments for a specific period. We are recognised among the leading instalment loans direct lenders because we provide loans on such interest rates, which ease the financial burden of the borrowers.

We extend our lending services to those individuals, who possess bad credit rating and refused by banks from borrowing funds. We present instalment loans for bad credit people and that would be on flexible repayment terms. We are not just focussing on the financial constancy of bad credit people but also on rebuilding their credit scores. Our bad credit instalment loans are customised in such a way that relieves the financial stress of the borrowers.

 How do our Installment loans work?

Our procedure is simple from application to approval. Also, its varied aspects are easy to understand and implement to get due benefit in your financial life.


You need very general and essential things to become eligible to apply for the instalment loans.

  • Minimum age should be 18
  • Residence proof of UK
  • Bank account
  • Valid mobile number

 Why You Need These Loans? -

There can me many purposes but in exact words, the instalment loans are good for any-to-many short-term purposes. Some of them can be –

 Quick Decision on Installment Loans

We understand how much our customers are desperate to get instant cash access. We make quick decisions on their applications for instalment loans. We provide online access to submit a loan request, and the whole procedure gets completed within a few minutes. At Huge Loan Lender, we believe discreetly and transparently of working, and it is the reason why we are considered as the trustworthy instalment loans direct lenders. We assure our customers that their details are safe and secure, and we will not disclose them to anyone.

While providing bad credit installment loans, we generally do not ask for submitting or faxing documents. The loan applicants get assurance that their desired funds will be transferred to their authorised bank accounts on the same day.


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 Bespoke Deal on Installment Loansfor Bad Credit People

People with bad credit rating often assume that they may not meet the qualifying criteria, which one can get for the bad credit installment loans. A credit score defines an individual’s financial credibility and shows how he or she has repaid the borrowed money without jeopardising other factors? High credit score determines borrower’s credibility and lenders are always willing to provide funds to these people. On the other hand, installment loans for bad credit direct lenders only are provided as an alternative for those people, who possess a poor credit rating.

Our flexible terms on instalment loans allow customers to afford the repayments with not disturbing their family budget. We get familiar with the employment status of our customers, and then arrange the repayments according to their current spending.

Huge Loan Lender provides instalment loans for bad credit. We ensure that ease through an easy application procedure.

Just three clicks and you reach the finishing line with funds in your bank account.

Advantages and Risks of Bad Credit Installment Loans

Poor credit is like a blot on your financial record. Still, some lenders do offer financial help to them, if not many. HugeLoanLender is indeed one of them, and we are already prepared withinstallment loans for bad credit people.

As the responsible online lender in the UK, we want to familiarise you with all the features of a particular loan deal, including its advantages and risks. It is because you should know all of them before signing a deal with your lender.

In the given below, we are briefing the benefits and risks involved when you approach direct lenders for bad credit installment loans.


Credit Score is not the Sole Criteria: When you apply for bad credit installment loans in the UK, you do not need to worry about your past credit history. Instead of analysing your past, we analyse your present financial capacity to allow the loan approval.

Improvement in Credit Record:With the help of flexible repayments and your sincerity in the timely repayments, you have an excellent opportunity to improve your credit score. However, you must borrow not more than your repayment capacity.

Suitable Option during Financial Emergency:With no past credit assessment and the presence of online application, these loan options are suited the best during a financial emergency. You have a better chance of gaining funds instantly to your bank account.


Higher Interest Rates:The significant risk involved in installment loans for bad creditis the higher interest rates. You are already down with your creditworthiness, and thus, lenders put the loan rates on the higher side.

No or late repayment worsens credit score:You have a poor credit history because you have not been paying all payments on time. If you again miss the loan repayments, it will make your credit score worst.

You can make a habit of applying for loans unnecessary:With the availability of loans despite low credit, you can think it is too easy to borrow funds, and you may apply for loans when there is no need. Remember, every loan adds more burden to your finances.

Installment Loans with No Credit Check Feature

Unlike conventional lenders, you gain one more advantage of installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only in the UK. It is none other than no credit check. You may feel surprised, but it is a reality.

When other lenders hesitate to offer loans with no credit perusal, we are counted among the reliable providers ofinstallment loans with no credit check from direct lenders. While reviewing your loan application, we do not consider credit check rather consider these options for approval:-

An Important Note: HugeLoanLender takes care of everyone’s finances. We are committed to offer only affordable loan deals. It means we do not offer money more than your repayment capacity. As alerted earlier, any missing repayment can dismantle your loan chances and your credit score will go down from bad to very poor.

Therefore, approaching us is your correct decision if you are looking for monthly installment loans with no credit check from direct lenders.

Is there a deal on Installment Loans with no Guarantor?

You have got one more benefit from us is no compulsion of having a guarantor. It is a huge benefit for those having poor credit history and looking to approachdirect lenders for poor credit installment loans.

Arranging a guarantor is always problematic for those with less-than-perfect credit. It is because these have less creditworthiness and no one wants to believe in their repayment capacity.

The option of installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only with no guarantor has many other benefits, such as:-

Here, we feel it is important to tell you that you do not need to pledge an asset. These are unsecured loans and available only on your income.

 Instalment Loans from Trusted Direct Lenders

We are the committed instalment loans direct lenders and our loan advisers bring out appropriate solutions for the borrowers’ financial problems. Since we have started credit lending, we always believe that people should have multiple alternatives to manage their expenditures. Consequently, we provide instalment loans for bad credit with a more flexible and transparent approach.

At Huge Loan Lender, we are here to ease the financial hassle of our customers through reasonable interest rates on instalment loans. Customers’ benefit is our main goal, and we continuously work to bring happiness in their financial life.

Huge Loan Lender will ensure that your financial requirements are met effectively because we help you to execute them without any hindrance.

 Installment Loans FAQs

Where can i get an installment loan with bad credit?

To get an instalment loan with bad credit, you can always trust direct lenders that work on a rational approach. More than your credit history, they consider your current financial efficiency. If it is sufficient to repay the loan, lenders give easy approval and that too without any obligation.

Can i get an Installment loan without a credit check?

Of course, you can. Several lenders offer no credit check facility, and this is applicable for people with bad credit history and also for applicants with no credit history. There is no extra charge for this. Experience a better borrowing experience without any fear of credit check.

Why should I choose Huge Loan Lender for Installment Loan?

Huge Loan Lender is an amalgamation of varied borrower-friendly features. No obligation, no credit check, no upfront fee, instant approval decision, 24x7 service irrespective of bank holidays. In every aspect, we are in favour of the borrowers.

How can I get an Installment loan if unemployed?

Unemployment is not just the constraint in your financial progress; rather, it also halts your chances of borrowing money. Mainstream lenders may provide loans, but they put strict obligations and high-interest rates. If you want to apply for an instalment loan while unemployed, choosing the direct lender would be a wise decision to make. However, you have to make sure that you can repay the funds on time, but how would you do that. Here are a few ways:

  • Make repayments through rental property, if you have
  • Do part-time job or freelancing, if possible

What is the minimum salary required for Installment loan?

The income criteria may differ from lender to lender, but overall, one should earn around £600 per month to apply for the loan. The main concern of the lender is to get back the lending amount on or before the said term. It is the reason why they want to go through the income status of the borrower and then finalise the terms and conditions.

If you are earning slightly less than such amount, there should be no problem for the lender. But there is no surety, or it depends upon how much amount do you need.

Will an Installment loan affect my credit score?

The instalment loan does not affect your credit score too much. However, it depends upon the lender whether it follows the no or self credit check policy or not. If you have a bad credit score, then it would be better to finalise a lender that can offer the loan on no credit check policy. It will not reveal your credit score to any third party, and your chances of improving your performance are also there.

One more way to get the loan without any impact on your credit score is to show your capacity to the lender that this time you will make the repayments on time. If your lender agrees, then the approval on your loan application will come.

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