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 The Best 12 Month Loans at Your Disposal

At Huge Loan Lender, we have a perfect understanding of your monetary situation. What we do is come up with solutions that can address the core issues. In case you are looking for an option that can help you cope with the expenses, then it is preferable to consider the possibility of 12 month loans. We will assist by letting you attain the funds at favorable terms, which, to a small extent, significantly improves the financial solution. Other than these, we will make it more comfortable for you by offering flexibility when it comes to repayments.

12 month loans

Huge Loan Lender is striving to provide you with a wide range of monetary solutions that are customized to suit the present-day needs. The 12-month loans from direct lenders ensure that you are less likely to face any hurdles while applying. Besides, our experienced loan advisers will see to it that you stand to get the best offers on the loans in a viable manner. The funds attained thus can be utilized as per your need and demand.

Getting the small loans on easy note needs specific research and right efforts. If you are capable on this, you can be eligible for 12 month payday loans from direct lender. Yes, these are like the instalments loans where you repay the loan instalments on monthly basis up to 1 year.

These are different from actual payday loans, as there loan period is comparatively small. With 1 year as the loan term, you can get comparatively larger funding to fulfil significant financial goals. There are such multiple benefits that you can avail.

If we talk about the benefits, you can even get 12 month loan for bad credit with no guarantor from a direct lender. Your past record does not matter here. Instead, you get the approval on your current income basis and there is no need of a guarantor too.

Therefore, during the financial emergency, these loans are beneficial in all corners,

 Bespoke Deals on 12 Month Loans with No Credit Check from the Reliable Lenders

What if you have a blemished credit history and you need funds to sort out the monetary crisis? Huge Loan Lender acknowledges the hard times that you are enduring. We are now offering 12 month loans with no credit check. Exclusively meant for those who have credit problems, the loans provide funds in a viable manner, where the borrower then stands to resolve the monetary difficulties.

We are a one-stop destination for the poor credit loans, where the borrowers don't need to have a perfect credit score. Huge Loan Lender is a credible source for the instalment loans, where we make sure to approve the loans to help our prospective customers get through their period of uncertainty.

Why Choose Us
No Document Required Guaranteed Approval Attractive Rate of Interest
Flexible Repayment Option Safe and Secure Lending Borrower friendly approach
Loans for Any Purpose Improve Credit Score No Late Payment Charges
Fund Transfer on same business day No Pre-Payment Fees Complete Secrecy to Your Personal Data

 Features of our 12 month loans

Huge Loan Lender works in a highly effective digital platform. We only deal in online loan applications, as these are the easiest and smoothest ways to get 12-month loans on same day payout. You apply today, and you get the approval today. Moreover, you receive the funds today. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed.

During a financial emergency, our online process works in favour of our borrowers. They get the funds instantly and with not many obligations to follow. Whether you have a good credit score or a bad credit rating, our loans are available on bespoke features. Some of these are:-

Eligibility -

 What are the benefits of 12 month loans?

Our 12-month loans will help you avail following benefits that do not come with other short-term loans like payday loans:

  • Flexible repayments
    When you have poor credit scores, you want a loan deal with the repayment manageable to your pocket. We offer you flexible repayment plans in which you can choose a suitable one. It is advisable to choose only that option which you can follow throughout the loan term. It will help you to repay 12-month installment loans without any obstacle.
Benefits of 12 month loans
  • Fixed monthly instalments
    With flexible repayment plans, you have the fixed monthly instalments to pay. These are quite manageable from your monthly earning and help in improving the credit score too.
  • Help in building credit
    We are carrying here what we have said in previous points. The freedom to choose your own repayment term and easy fixed monthly installments on 12-month bad credit loans will help you build the credit scores. This situation is ideal for both bad credit individual and person with no credit history.
  • No broker fees
    One of the most significant advantages of approaching direct lenders is that you do not have to pay any broker’s fee. You can contact us directly through an online platform and avail of the exclusive benefits of 12-month loans with no broker.
  • Ideal for any unexpected expense
    Financial emergency demands a quick response from you. With the assistance of a direct lender, you can quickly borrow funds online and manage every unexpected expense without indulging in too many obligations.

 Credible Options on 12 Month Loans for Bad Credit with No Guarantor

Choosing a loan alternative to deal with the escalating monetary crisis is a tough job. Various aspects need to be taken in to account. If you are confused and don’t know what to do, then you can reach out to us. At Huge Loan Lender, we will provide you with the opportunity to avail the 12 month loans for bad credit with no guarantor. The loans offered are based on your prevailing circumstances, which then lets you get the funds at very affordable terms. We will provide you with the means through which you can manage the repayments and subsequently, you will then get a chance to enhance the credit score.

As far as the 12-month loans with no guarantor are concerned, Huge Loan Lender will provide you with the viable options that rightly fit into your budget. You are free to apply for the loans at any point of time, and with the application procedure taking place online, there is no place for any paperwork. Additionally, the loans we arrange do not come with any hidden fees, and the funds get deposited directly into the bank account.

Irrespective of credit status and your financial background, Huge Loan Lender is here to help you. We are responsible lenders, and with us, you will find the right offers that suit your budget and specific requirements.

 Can I Get 12 Month Payday Loans at Huge Loan Lender?

People prefer direct lending because of its flexible feature. Flexible is in terms of loan features and advantages and the variety of a particular loan product. The same thing happens with 12-month unsecured loans.

Unlike other private lenders in the UK, we make sure that you have more instant financial assistance from us. For this, we have brought personalised deals on 12-month payday loans. These are the small loans where many features are the same as installment loans but still hold much difference.

In these loans, you have to repay the amount on the confirmed date for one year. It makes it easier for you to manage the repayment and complete the loan term without any break.

Availing 12-month payday loans from direct lenders brings another benefit of the automatic deduction option. You can tell us a date on which we will automatically deduct the monthly installment from your bank account. Such a process eradicates the chances of missing the repayments, and it further helps improve the credit scores.

You may expect 12-month payday loans with no credit check, but it can only be a possibility if you have performed very well in your recent financial commitment.

Huge Loan Lender has set an ideal platform to apply for loans and to get rid of any financial mess. Start your application now…

 12 Month Loans FAQs

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow up to £20,000 depending on your repayment capacity. We will examine your income statement before deciding the disbursal limit. We approve the loan only when you have the repayment capacity and try to provide personalised deal.

How do I apply for a 12 month loan?

Fill out the loan application and submit it online. Wait unless you get the approval that takes hardly a few minutes. You will submit a few documents like your income statement that we will use to check your incomings and outgoings. It helps us decide on the amount you can afford. If you agree to all terms and conditions of the agreement, you get the amount directly in your account. This entire procedure takes less than 24 hours.

What is a good credit score to get a 12 month loan?

Each lender follows a different policy, and hence, there is no particular score that all lenders will consider good. You can find these loans whether your score is good or bad, but the interest rate will vary.

Do 12 month loans hurt your credit?

It is not necessary. Every loan has its pros and cons, especially in terms of the credit scores. 12-month loans have two scenarios for your credit score:

  • These loans can put your score from bad to the fair or good category if you make proper repayments for a year.
  • In case of missing any repayment, it would naturally go on to negative side that would result in a low credit rating or very poor credit score. Therefore, it depends upon you, i.e. how you would follow the repayments because any loan cannot affect your credit score.

How can I get a 12 month loan with a low credit score?

It is a simple process because we are living in the 21st century where the FinTech market in the UK has turned many things into the favour of the borrowers. Nowadays, the flexible lending policies of the direct lenders, in particular, have made possible for everyone to get the loan on his or her income status, not based on credit history. If you have a low credit score, you still get desired funding from the lenders. The policy of ‘no credit check’ has also a significant role to play

How can I get a 12 month loan while unemployed?

When people with bad credit score can get loans, jobless individuals are also on the beneficiary side in terms of availing lending benefits. There are many lenders like Huge Loan Lender providing 12 month loan for unemployed people, as they assume the other or external funding arrangements as the base of getting well-timed repayments.

  • Unemployed borrowers can assure the repayments with their side income like rent, freelancing or self-employed work and get the approval.
  • They can also use the benefits that they receive from the government and make them the basis of repaying the borrowed amount.
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