The Financial Playbook for eSports Stars: Earn and Invest

Ailsa Adam February 27, 2024

eSports has exploded from niche to massive opportunity in just a few years. Top players face off in tournaments with millions of livestream viewers. Esports generated billions in revenue globally!

Big earnings now attract athletes to competitive gaming. Some teen phenoms are raking in 7 figures annually from tournaments, endorsements and livestreams.

It’s an exciting career for talented gamers, but it does require big upfront investments. You would need a fast gaming PC setup and accessories. Don’t skimp on equipment – it impacts competitive performance.

Laggy WiFi ruins the match. Plan on installing premium high-speed fibre internet with 20-50 Mbps upload speeds for lag-free gaming.

Most Lucrative Esports Games

RankGameAverage Earning (£)
2Call of Duty: Modern Warfare£544,000.00
4League of Legends£592,426.43
5Apex Legends£646,285.60

Paying for costs

To train against the best, you’ll need to relocate to a team training facility with coaches. These houses have bedrooms, gyms, gaming labs and more. Be prepared to pay rent and cost-share.

Major eSports events happen nationwide and overseas. You’ll be paying for airline miles and hotel stays.

If these startup costs seem daunting, loans like guaranteed acceptance loans that don’t require credit history can help get your eSports career launched.

Just be wise with any borrowed money. With hard work and smart money habits, an eSports career can set you up for long-term success.

Know Your Income

These days top eSports athletes take home huge paychecks and cash from multiple income sources. Let’s break down how competitive gamers get paid:

Major teams sign elite players to contracts including guaranteed salaries, healthcare, retirement plans and housing stipends. Top players can earn millions annually in base pay alone.

Winning Tournaments

Earning a cut of major tournament prize pools is big money. Top payouts at events like EVO or Dota 2’s The International can exceed millions! Even lower-level events payout five or six figures to winners.

As eSports popularity grows, consumer brands want in on it. Energy drinks, PC brands, and game publishers will pay big bucks to sponsor popular players.

Live Streaming

Streaming matches, practice, and personal time on Twitch or YouTube create another revenue stream. Top streamers earn up to a million annually from subscriber fees, donations and ad revenue.

Have Multiple Income Sources

Relying on one income source is risky. Make sure you have multiple ways to earn, especially during your peak years. Create income with streaming, brand deals, appearances and aggressively save it.

Even though you will earn a lot there are a lot of expenses. If you have high-interest balances on multiple credit cards, you need to make sure you are able to repay. You can take loans for 1000 pounds and consolidate them into a lower-rate debt consolidation loan to save big on interest. Then, aggressively pay that loan balance down.

How do you budget with unpredictable income?

When your income as a gamer bounces all around, budgeting keeps you steady. Use a spreadsheet or app to track the money rollercoaster. When big checks come in, avoid blowing it all. First, save, pay debts, then moderate fun spending.

Having cash reserves is crucial with irregular pay. Try to stash about 6 months’ living costs when income dries. This cushion protects you from debt disasters when money gets tight.

Review spending monthly and make adjustments so you live below your means. Being disciplined about budgeting ensures you maximise savings from every earnings wave.

Ways to save aggressively

Treat savings like any other bill. Set up automatic transfers to move money into savings when paid, before you can spend it.

With streaming earnings, don’t spend it as fast as it comes in. Be disciplined and set aside at least 30% of that cash for savings.

Investing Smart

As an eSports athlete, investing your earnings wisely is important to secure long-term finances. Here are some tips:

  • Start investing early to take full advantage of compound growth over decades. Choose investments appropriate for your risk tolerance and time horizon.
  • Diversify your holdings across various asset classes – don’t just stick to cash. Work with your advisor to allocate percentages appropriately.
  • Consider tax-advantaged accounts like ISAs to grow retirement savings tax-free. Contribute as much as possible each year. Proper investing sets you up for financial security long after your gaming days end.

As your career progresses, rebalance holdings over time. For example, shift to a more conservative asset mix as you get closer to retirement. Reassess your risk tolerance periodically as well.

By starting early, diversifying wisely, rebalancing, and maximising tax advantages, you can make your eSports earnings work hard for you.

Protect Your Money

When you come into big money as an athlete, it can attract people and situations that put that wealth at risk. Here are some tips to keep your finances safe:

Don’t blindly trust people managing your money. Check backgrounds and qualifications extensively. Ensure tax pros and financial advisors are reputable and experienced with athlete clients. Don’t get lured in by promises alone.

Be cautious about who you share financial details with. The fewer who know about your assets, the better. Avoid broadcasting wealth on social media that could attract scammers.

Research Investments

If business ventures or investment deals sound too good to be true, they often are. Do meticulous due diligence before parting with any money. Get documentation reviewed by legal and financial experts you trust.

Be conservative when investing in real estate or business launches. Don’t tie up so much capital that it puts your finances at risk if ventures fail. Diversity reduces exposure.

Update Legal Documents

Keep wills, trusts and powers of attorney current to protect assets in case of accident, illness or death. Consult lawyers specialising in athlete estate planning. Make sure heirs and finances are fully protected.

Invest in disability, health and life insurance tailored to athletes’ risks. Make sure policies will sufficiently cover needs if injuries or illness cut careers short. Review annually and adjust coverage upwards as earnings grow. Don’t risk gaps.


Don’t count on remembering to transfer money into savings each month manually. Set up automated withdrawals on payday to instantly stash cash in savings before you can spend it.

Identify three ways this week to reduce spending, like packing lunch over buying it. Little cost cuts create money to save or pay down debt fast. No matter your situation, there are steps you can start taking right now to improve it. Stop waiting for someday – start today and keep that momentum going! You’ve so got this.

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