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Installment loans –For the small needs that arise now and then

Ailsa Adam August 2, 2019

Just imagine the situation when despite having a good income, a small amount becomes desired for you. May be due to month end or may be due to any other expense, you are out of funds and a situation happens. You need money may be not that urgently but for sure you cannot wait for the next salary day. It will be too late otherwise.

Definitely, the first preference is to rely on your own savings, but may be they are for some other important purpose. After that, comes the option of taking help from friends and family.  This is quite a common choice but not for all. If you find it embarrassing, this option is not good enough to explore. Anyways, the prime and only need is the money and any possible source at the time of need is good. By the way, how about installment loans?

Installment loans – Simple, practical and they respond timely

The idea of taking a loan for a financial need can be a bit worrying. No one wants to wrestle with an obligation. But something that you do in small parts, makes the task easy. Why not apply the same approach in financial decisions too. The term installment loans, is not new for anyone. You borrow funds and repay in small instalments. It is so relieving to have all money at once but to repay in small parts.

Loan term and loan amount – Minimum, Maximum limit

As the installment loans are short-term in nature, there is a decided minimum limit. However, this may vary from lender to lender but more or less there is a prevalent culture on this aspect in the finance industry.


Minimum 3 months to Maximum 36 months


Minimum £1000 to Maximum 10000

The actual WOW!! Factor – Get approval despite bad credit

Yes, this is 100% real and there is a logic behind it. The advanced approach that new age lending keeps brings certain factors in notice that can be considered parallel to credit rating in importance. Current income status and repayment capacity are the two important factors that can help you qualify for a loan. At least small loans like installment loans for bad credit by direct lenders only in the UK can be easily qualified through these factors. With a good income you can borrow funds despite bad credit.

Obligations can’t be there and that is so convenient

Small loans do not have any obligation of guarantor and collateral. This feature presents installment loans as a good deal. However, the concern on interest rates is sure to arise but don’t worry, customisation of deal is offered as a promise that never breaks. This naturally lessens your burden on the repayments. Small instalments make your borrowing experience even more convenient and hassle-free. This means problem is solved. Whatever is the financial situation, at least one thing is sure, you can get the money without any complications.

Approval decision – INSTANT

Not all but some needs are urgent and cause sudden financial crisis if you do not have ample money at the right moment. Job loss, medical emergencies, sudden moves, car expenses, unexpected travel etc. anything can be the stimulator. With instant approval decision, you get to know if you can keep a hope or not. Mostly the approval rate is high.

Whenever a condition in finances puts you in a situation that is difficult, installment loans can help. Know about them, do not rely on others, visit the website of the direct lender and apply for the deal you prefer. There are plenty of loan offers.

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