Get financial help at doorstep despite unemployment

Get financial help at doorstep despite unemployment

No job, no money means no peace of mind. Pending debts, multiple obligations become the common thing. Obviously, help from friends and family is there and your savings too give a last minute support. However, the duration of unemployment is uncertain. God knows when the new job opportunity will come. As an additional support, unemployment benefits play an important role. But applying for them can be a bit complicated.

There should be something that can help you attain financial assistance with much ease. Doorstep loans for unemployed can be the choice to facilitate this purpose. These are short-term loans that serve to urgent needs of funds during the money crisis. There are many financial concerns after job loss and none of them can remain neglected. Especially the priority bills, which are absolutely unavoidable. Delay in paying them can cause severe consequences. The biggest threat is for credit score status and in turn to the financial future.

Funds without the backing of any obligation

You can borrow funds without any guarantor and collateral. As doorstep funding is of short tenure, no obligation is required. This saves a lot of time and also guarantee ease in the formalities that happen faster. This is why the application process encapsulates in only three simple steps. 1. Apply(online) 2. Get approval decision(online) 3. Receive funds(at home). Nothing complicated, only clear and brief procedures.

Individualistic approach with customisation

You get conveniently what you can bear. The lending companies offer tailored deals according to your affordability. In the absence of income, there should be something that can prove your repayment capacity. Unemployment benefits, income from freelance or part-time work, rental income etc. whatever is your source of income, just mention it. After all, lenders need a base to customise the deal.

Approval rate is usually high

The prime purpose of doorstep loans for unemployed is to provide urgent help. The approval rate should be high for this, otherwise what it the purpose of providing loans. Stringent policies can leave many people helpless and that is not a good thing to create a healthy financial atmosphere.

Oh, by the way, you can borrow despite bad credit rating

It is a well-known fact that unemployment is a perfect situation to be the prey of bad credit situation. After all, absence of current income especially sudden absence is not a small loss. Your finances get upside down and only complications are left behind to gather. In such circumstances, it is natural to get into poor credit situation. The doorstep lenders offer funds to the unemployed despite bad credit rating and they try to keep the deal inexpensive as much as possible.

No extra cost on prepayment

If during the tenure you get a new job and find paying off the loan easy, there is no prepayment penalty  for that. Good news! Right? Whatever is your tenure you can pay off with no additional cost. Get funds without any prepayment penalty. Loan amount is minimum £1000 to £5000 and tenure is maximum 6 months.

Fair practices, no upfront fee

Yes this is true. You do not need to pay any upfront fee. This is unethical and no lending company should ask for this from the borrowers. It is better to stay cautious on this part as many lenders ask for this fee. However, there are few genuine names to consider for instance – Huge Loan Lender is a direct lender that has fair lending practices and only best ever deals to provide.

Instant approval decision 

It can be very stressful to wait for hours or days for approval decision. Uncertainty feeds anxiety but most of the doorstep loan lenders provide instant approval decision. As mentioned above approval rate is high, mostly the answer comes in a pleasant ‘Yes’ on your loan request.  The rest of the formalities take place at your home, when the loan agent comes to hand over the money. But don’t worry that too does not take much time.   From an urgent electricity bill to the basic need of buying grocery, doorstep can help feed all needs during unemployment. Borrow but with responsibility, repay on time and improve your financial records before it gets too late.

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