Spend a Week at London’s Attractions

Spend a Week at London’s Attractions and Accumulate Blissful Memories

Ailsa Adam May 28, 2019

Travelling acts like a compassion for the people, who want to explore and store the beautiful places. The earth has been the paradise of many heavenly tourist destinations and London is not an exception. Not only can the Britons, every human seek for a memorable holiday season in this beautiful location of the UK.

You surely have the freedom of moving from one place to another, but you may not have the freedom of money. You may be unemployed or you recently cleared an interview. Worries to how to arrange funds should not take big step because you can claim installment loans for reducing your burden of paying easily and enjoy your travel experience.

Now comes back to the beauty of London. As a travel lover, you cannot miss out these ‘7’ best locations of the city when you are in a holiday mood.

Don’t miss an opportunity to cover London according to the seven days of week. Choose one destination in a day and rejoice the memories of lifetime.

1. Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter- Warner Brothers Studio

Do you love the magical things? If yes, then go to the Warner Brothers Studio and see behind the scenes of the Harry Potter. You will see the costumes, sets and many things used in the movie of Harry Potter. Even there is an office of Dumbledore and hut of the Hagrid.

It can be one of your most memorable days there. The fee is also reasonable that you can check on the internet. It is around £100. Travelling alongside your family or a group of friends would need proper funds into your pocket. Well in that case, as said earlier, you may take installment loans to cover up other expenses too like food and travel.

2. Residence of the Queen- Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham palace is opened in the year 2018 for the visitors from 21st July to 30th September. There will be a 70th birthday celebration of Prince of Wales. This could be your another happiest day of the week. The rooms of the palace are decorated with all the expensive things and every cultural and traditional thing of the state of the London or anywhere else can be found there. Explore it and make it part of your diary. You still have the time for it, which is almost a month. Check the prices of the tickets online and again the expenses can be handled with the help of loans.

3. World’s Most Famous Building- Tower of London

If you want to explore most of the best places of London, then Tower of London can be one of them. It is the most famous building in the world and visitors come here to see its beauty. It has the history of 900 years and the different things to see here are its royal palace, prison and place of execution. There are weapons, jewel house and zoo too within this palace and you may feel blissful to spend your one of the days of the week here. It is so interesting that on the one side, you are gazing on the jewels and on another side, you can feel the adventure by watching the weapons of the palace used in the history. Check out the cost of visiting to the Royal Palace and get a loan if there is a shortage of funds.

4. City’s Iconic Hard- View from the Shard: Western Europe’s Tallest Building

This is the place you can go on another day of the week to see the view of 40 miles or 64 Km. From here, you can even see the Coca Cola London eye and other places come in this range. It means you can deal with the height here and it is obvious that you will enjoy. Make sure that you do not have any problem from height otherwise, you can face some difficulties. Be strong and go if you feel suitable. The height is 800 ft or you can say that 244m.

5. See Past Royal Residents Lives – Kensington Palace

Do you have interest in knowing about the lives of the royal residents in the past? Kensington Palace can give you the knowledge of history or you can create a fantasy, which can take a form of short story in your diary. There are glimpses from the Queen Victoria’s life. There is a Victoria revealed exhibition and there you can see the modern princess dressed up in the Diana’s dresses. If you find it hard to break your savings for another day of your week, then you can use the loan as your funding backup.

6. London’s Dark Past- London Dungeon

If you are eager to see the most horrible history of the old capital, then visit at London Dungeon. Your 6th day of the week can be enjoyed with the thrillers and the rides if you have braveness to tackle this horrible place for 90 minutes. You can check its price and book the tickets on the internet. If you have savings then it is fine, otherwise get the loan from a reliable loan provider, Huge Loan Lender.

7. Free Day: Hop off Bus Tour

People, who do not have enough time to move to the places on all days of the week, can visit to the famous places of London in a single day. Book a ticket of hop off bus tour for 24 hours and make all visits at once. Surf the internet and find the prices of the tickets. In case of inadequate funds, you can approach Huge Loan Lender to get the instant approval on the loans. At last, it is suggested to you that do not delay your repayments, otherwise your credit scores will decline. You can travel to the suitable travel destinations and fill your diary with the memories or let your fingers to click memorable pictures of this awesome journey. You can even add your collections to your travel blog.

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