Personal Loan Hacks for Recent College Graduates Facing Debt

Ailsa Adam November 28, 2023

Lots of students graduate college with a diploma in one hand and scary student loan bills in the other. Credit card debt, car loans, and money owed to family can also pile up. The student debt crisis is severe, but loans can feel like a ball and chain holding you back.

Recent grads rarely have a long credit history. Your score might not be ideal yet. But for borrowers with less-than-great credit, consolidation money loans for bad credit bring together all that you owe into one smaller monthly payment. Roll high-interest debts into a personal loan at a lower fixed rate. This simplifies paying off what you owe faster and saves money on interest.

Let’s look at it deeply!

Evaluating Your Debt Situation

Make a list of outstanding student loans, credit cards, overdrafts, and any money borrowed from family. Calculate the total balance, monthly payments, and interest rates for each debt. This gives you a complete picture of what you need to pay off.

Focus first on debts like credit cards with high-interest rates. Paying those faster saves money on interest over time. Also, look for variable-rate debts where the interest can go up. Organising all your debts will help avoid missed payments and late fees that hurt your credit score.

Importance of Credit Scores

Your credit score determines the rates and loan approval chances you get. Lenders measure how reliably you handle debts through your credit scores. Graduates often have limited credit history, so your score starts lower.

Using a credit card sensibly, making all payments on time, and keeping balances low help build your score. Check your score so you know where you stand.

If your score is fair or poor, paying debts and making diligent payments can significantly boost your score in 1-2 years.

Smart Borrowing Strategies

With hundreds of lenders, picking the right personal loan takes research. Compare offers to find:

  • Lower interest rates and fees to save money
  • Loan amount and term length that fit your budget
  • Flexible payment options if needed
  • Lender credit score requirements you meet
  • Fast funding turnaround
  • Positive customer reviews
  • An easy application process

Use loan calculators to understand the true cost with fees. Choosing an affordable loan tailored to your situation sets you up for success.

Lock in a Low-Interest Rate

Interest makes up a large portion of your total loan costs. A few per cent on a £10,000 loan adds up to over £1,000 extra in interest paid. Compare rates across multiple lenders and products to find the lowest options.

Online lenders often offer cheaper rates than high-street banks because of lower overheads. Consider if the rate is fixed or variable – fixed rates protect you from rises later. Repayment terms of 3-5 years also decrease interest costs versus longer 8-10-year loans.

Consolidating Student Loans

Grads with several student loans know the hassle of different monthly deadlines. Consolidating into one new personal loan with a single payment simplifies cash flow.

This “debt stacking” combines loans into one lower monthly payment. You can also move high-interest private student loans to a cheaper personal loan rate to reduce interest. Just ensure interest savings outweigh any fees to consolidate.

Even loan aspirants with poor credit can qualify for 10000 pounds bad credit loans to consolidate. Simplifying repayments helps you focus on building your career.

Consider the Tradeoffs

Consolidating can allow repayment easier but also has some downsides. You lose the option to target extra payments at individual loans. It may be smart to consolidate high-rate private loans but keep lower fixed-rate public loans separate.

Budgeting with a Personal Loan

A monthly budget is vital to managing cash flow, loan payments, and everyday living costs. Track your expenses like rent, transportation, groceries, and household bills. Look for areas to cut back, like dining out less, negotiating bills, or getting a flatmate to save on rent.

Building little daily money-saving habits adds up to significant savings. An accurate budget ensures enough income to cover loan payments and essential needs.

Plan for Repayments

Factor your minimum monthly loan payment into your budget as a fixed expense like rent. Be realistic about leftover income for other goals after basic needs to avoid overcommitting funds. As your pay increases, bump up loan payments to pay debt off faster.

Set up automatic payments on the same monthly date to avoid missing payments. Planning for expected costs helps prevent scrambling to make loan payments when surprise costs pop up. With discipline, you can fit loan repayments into your post-graduation spending.

Creative Uses of Personal Loans

In addition to debt consolidation, personal loans finance significant purchases or goals. Borrowers can qualify for up to £100,000 for any purpose.

With a solid business plan, you can use smaller loans from £15,000 – £25,000 to start a side business while working.

Other smart uses include:

  • Gaining new skills with training courses, bootcamps, or master’s classes
  • Relocating for a dream job without dipping into savings
  • Launching a new digital business, blog, or passion project
  • Checking off bucket list adventures and trips

With planning, personal loans offer capital to turn ambitions into reality after university.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

While applying is easy, a few key mistakes can sink your approval:

  • Inaccurate income or debts: Over-reporting income or understating debts may trigger fraud alerts.
  • Requesting too much: Only apply for needed loan amounts based on your budget. Asking for £40,000 when you need £15,000 can get denied.
  • Too many applications: Comparing rates is good, but limit applications to no more than 5 lenders to avoid credit dings.
  • Rushing documents: Take time to submit organised, easy-to-read application documents. Sloppy or confusing papers cause delays.

With care and patience, recent graduates can secure personal loans to build their financial future.


A personal loan can help save by paying off higher-interest debts like payday loans. Do the maths – you could reduce costly interest payments through a lower-rate consolidation loan. With less owed each month, you free up cash flow to focus on other goals. With the right personal loan approach tailored to your situation, paying off debt does not have to mean sacrificing everything you want out of life. Consolidating through an online lender creates a path to get ahead and build the future you want, regardless of what you owe today. Be strategic, and debt can become an asset to touch success.

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