Money issues that couple have and how to avoid them

Ailsa Adam August 8, 2022

Money arguments happen everywhere and in every relationship. When you get married, you decide to share everything from emotions to finances.

Although there are huge money conflicts in some marriages, there are ways to resolve them, and you’re your married life peacefully. Financial problems are faced by couples and end in divorce.

 Having an emotional relationship without sharing finances is an impractical marriage. When you are married, you are bound to share your finances with your partner.

Your financial relationship is also a big factor in deciding your relationship with your partner. It is a good way of understanding your partner’s emotions and behaviour.

The financial marriage

Many couples may feel that they are facing problems in their relationship due to finances. Many people find it difficult to handle their finances with their partners.

But with mutual understanding, you can resolve your financial issues and have an aligned financial goal. Many people have borrowed a pound 10000 loan with bad credit before their wedding, which automatically gets carried into their marriage.

Hence, it is important to be honest and clear about your financial obligations, to your partner to ensure a smooth financial journey.

Money problems in a marriage

Many couples fight over their finances. If you do not want to be one of them, you can go through problems and try avoiding them.

  1. Unable to decide for the money is separate or joint

There is no one size for all. Similarly, everybody has a different approach to their finances. When you get married, you share your finances with your partner.

The decision here lies in using your money separately or jointly with your partner. Before using your money jointly, it is important to trust each other and know each other’s approaches to your money spending.

You both have to be clear about your finances, i.e., is there an individual money usage, or will you be using your money jointly?

Mostly, individuals face problems as they are unable to decide what is mine, what is yours, and what is ours.

You should communicate well with your partner to resolve these issues in order to manage your finances smoothly.

There should be a mutual understanding between you two. And if something goes wrong, the blame game should be avoided.

2. I spend less, and my partner spends a lot.

There may be different spending patterns for you both. The main aim is to accept your partner’s different pattern than yours if they spend more than you.

It is crucial to speak to each other and communicate in order to avoid any differences and friction. If you can sort out serious matters by communicating effectively, it will give a boost to your relationship.

Many couples who are unable to resolve their issues usually require a marriage counselor or any third person to solve their issues.

To avoid such a situation, you can take steps and avoid taking things that far.

3. Debt issues

Any debt can cause serious repercussions to any person. There are ample negative outcomes of debt that can hamper your relationship.

If your partner has any debt, you can speak to them and clarify the payment.

Many individuals get their debt into their marriages which can become a burden for their partners. Hence, you can speak to your partner in the beginning.

You can speak to your partner that the debt remains to them and is not extended to you.  Some people avail of installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only and do not pay them back. In this case, be clear with your partner and let them know about your debts and other financial obligations. 

You can also get free debt advice for your partner or seek professional help for them. Debt advice is good for prioritizing your debts too.  

You can also opt for counseling with your partner. Counseling can get you a lot of ideas to manage your debt and finances and stay happy at the same time. With a little effort, you can get many ideas and move towards a peaceful marriage.

4. We are not truthful about money 

Many of us like to keep secrets and do not discuss our actual financial position with our spouses. Our spouses are unaware when it comes to bank balances.

According to a survey, almost 16% of married couples are unaware of their partner’s bank balances and finances.

To keep your financial journey smooth, it is good to talk to your partner and be clear about your finances. You can form a mutual financial goal. For example, you both can think of saving an X amount at the end of the year. This will help you both to save the amount of money as planned.

5. Unable to split the assets

Before you start, make a list of all the assets you have and have clarity on all things you have. Include everything in your list, from your bank balances to your home.

It is always better to be clear and open about your finances and start fresh in a joint manner with your spouse. Sometimes, partners are open to each other about their assets and finances.

This causes a problem in the future. If there are any assets, you can share them with your partner. Or if you want that they should not be a part of it, at least you can declare it to them.  


It is important to have clear and effective communication with your partner about your finances. Try to avoid any conflict and resolve issues by maintaining calm.

While discussing your finances, always have face-to-face interactions with your partner. This will send the right message across and avoid any arguments and misinterpretations. If you are not talking to each other, it can hamper your relationship.

Try to be open and honest with each other. This will help both of you to build trust and have a strong relationship. Once you trust your parent, you do not need to complain to them about financial issues.

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