How to Avoid Paying Too Much for a Personal Loan?

Ailsa Adam September 10, 2021

People often find themselves in a tough situation while applying for a personal loan. Numerous factors affect the loan offer from the lenders that includes your credit profile and the loan type. They select the offer from the lender with the lowest interest rate to reduce the overall cost.

However, the repayment is still not easy because of their strict repayment policy. They come up with various charges and upfront fees to significantly increase the overall cost. Add the confusion over the fixed and floating interest rate, and the whole process starts to seem intimidating.

How to Find the Ideal Lender for a Personal Loan?

Your credit profile will play a critical role during your search for a personal loan. Banks may not approve your application because of employment status, current debts, or bad credit history. Their rejection will only damage your credit history if they conduct a hard inquiry on it.

Therefore, always check the eligibility status before applying for a loan. For bad credits, a direct lender is your best bet to get the loan during an emergency. But the fine prints in the loan application often make your financial condition even more stressful.

You should focus on the overall cost of the loan instead of just instalments and interest rates. Check if the lender is willing to provide flexible repayment options to manage the finances during the repayment period. Moreover, do not fall for the low floating interest rate as they will increase the cost of the loan more than the initially high fixed interest rates.

Tips to Make Personal Loan Affordable

Businesses take advantage of clients with lack knowledge of the industry. Without the basics clear, you may never understand the right price for the product or services. The following tips may help you get a better loan offer while making the process easier for the lenders as well.


You need to research the loan types and the common terms in the industry. There are multiple loan types available to serve different purposes. A wrong decision may significantly increase the overall cost because of the different interest rates and repayment options.

The education loan is ideal to fund your expenses during the college years, while a house mortgage will help to buy a new home. Similarly, there are situations where the personal loan may not serve the purpose. More importantly, make sure the loan meets your requirement without the additional cushion amount.


The Internet has allowed users to compare prices within a few minutes. You can apply for loans at different lenders to wait for their offer. It will not affect your credit history as financial authorities are aware of price shopping.

Compare the offers by keeping the different factors in mind. The low-interest rate may come with upfront charges or other unnecessary costs. Also, make sure the instalments are manageable on the offered terms to avoid overwhelming stress on your finances.

Prepare Documentation

Lenders prefer the borrowers with the documentation ready to speed up the process. It shows responsibility from your end to manage a situation very well. Moreover, the process will not experience unnecessary delays in case some documents are missing.

Check the eligibility for the personal loan to find the list of documents required to get approval. Direct lenders generally ask for documentation to assess your affordability and verify your details. You will find submission extremely simple with the online loan application process.


The loan approval letter, email or call will have the quotation with the offered interest rate and other features. You can negotiate with the representative to get a slightly better offer. They may cut a few costs or add features to make the loan repayment more manageable.

You may not find much to negotiate while dealing with HugeLoansLender. We come up with the near-perfect offer to help our customer manage their financial difficulties. And there are many features such as flexible repayment options, term extensions, and special offers on first loan applications.

Check Credit History

Always check your credit history before applying for a loan. You may find an error in the report to cause damage to your profile. This may lead to rejection of your application even after good conduct in the past.

Contact the rating authority to explain the situation to them. They will conduct the inquiry to find the reason for the error. It may take a few days to reflect changes in your credit history after the complaint is registered.

Select Shorter Term

We often use an instalment as a measure to afford the loan repayment. It is true the smaller instalments make the repayment easy with less stress on the budget. But the increase in duration also increases the overall cost with more interest.

You should try to keep the loan duration as short as possible to avoid paying unnecessary interest. It may seem more difficult to manage the repayment, but a few changes in your lifestyle will take care of it. Furthermore, the faster repayment will allow you to take a loan in the future to manage some other financial emergency,


To sum up, you should focus on the different factors along with the interest rate to make sure the loan is affordable. The various charges and long duration of the loan may significantly increase the overall cost. Furthermore, always try to pay more than the required amount to save money on the interest with early repayment.

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