Do the Credit Shocks Affect Your Borrowing Potential

Do the Credit Shocks Affect Your Borrowing Potential?

Ailsa Adam May 17, 2019

Direct lending in 2019 in the UK is endorsed by Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) for CPD; it strengthens the trust of borrowers and safe guards the interests of lenders. When the private lending industry is flourishing at fast pace, the Govt. financial institutions including mainstream banks are squeezing the lending by following more than ever before strict norms. The reduction in loan availability at regular financial institutions brings a shock to borrowers; hence, it is called credit shock.  Are you as a potential borrower concerned with credit shock? Certainly yes, you are. How can the credit shocks affect the cost of long-term or short-term loans that you might be planning?

Analysts at HSBC said: “Today‘s survey shows that credit conditions are tightening in the UK, at least for the consumer.

Credit Shock Development – The Causes:

Each potential borrower, irrespective to loan amount and repayment period, is directly affected by credit shocks. The credit shocks occur after the long period because of irresponsible and easy lending by the mainstream banks. During this period, the banks grant bad loans to incapable individuals. After some time, the defaults on bad loans start to increase and tightening credit from banks. It causes reduction in over-inflated values of assets because the banks act for foreclosing on the mortgaged property. In turn, there comes up a spiral development causing more loans going bad and foreclosing of properties sending a clear message to lenders that the more and more borrowers are getting defaulters; so the lenders curtail lending – secured and unsecured both.

 How Does The Credit Shock Affect Loan Cost?

When the regular high street banks start denying the loan applications at higher rate, more borrowers turn to direct lending agencies because of having no other options. Each lending store has limited amount to lend; and, the availability of funds depends upon the pattern of repayment of loans in circulation. Sensing the seriousness of needs and helplessness in finding the financial help from the regular bank, the numbers of lending stores try to get maximum profit in one way or other. Although the maximum APR and other fees are regulated by FCA norms; still, there are many voids in private lending process. The hype of ongoing credit shock encourages the direct lending agencies to lend at higher rate with more strict terms.

How to Minimize Personal Loan’s Cost in Credit Shock Period:

The numbers of factors affect each type of loan cost whether you owe 12 months loan, personal loan, payday loan, small business loan, or long-term 36 months loan. During the credit shock period, not all the direct lending agencies take the undue advantage of escalated demand. This is the entry point of road map for cheap loan even in high credit shock period. Selecting the best agency is the key task. What does make a direct lending agency good or bad for you?

The history, social repute, references, social media reviews, diversity in loans, flexibility in terms, dependable expert’s support, transparency, fast processing, no hidden fee, no broker involvement etc are the key parameters to scale the standards and suitability of shortlisted private lending agency. The next task is to optimize the deal. The minimum loan amount and the shortest repayment period are the two prime factors that make any loan cheaper. The other factors that influence the total loan cost are APR, processing fee, upfront fee, late penalty, early payment charge, documentation expense etc.

Out of hundreds, just a few direct lending stores offer authentic FCA regulated no fee- no guarantor- no broker – instant decision – no credit check unsecured loans for long-term and short-term giving the complete freedom to use availed funds in desired way. Therefore, do not take the credit shock as the shock to your borrowing potential; you need to be – just the smarter.

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