Ailsa Adam June 22, 2020

Money is an essential commodity. It can be said that ever its inception and the end of the barter system, money has held the position of being the most vital possession a person can have.

Some have gone so far to say that money equates happiness.

Although this notion is not entirely true, it does have some merit. And I can very easily prove it.

The morning coffee or tea, which acts as the elixir of life and brings you back to the world of the living, is bought with money.

The perfect outfit that highlights all your curves and makes you feel like a deity is bought with money.

The promotion in the job title is by far one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. The promotion means a hike in salary and the involvement of more money.

From the tiniest happiness to the most significant moments, everything we experience in life is somehow pertinent to money.

However, there are times when we do not have money. What shall be done then?

The Need for Loans

As I have already mentioned, money is crucial for happiness, not in every scenario of life, but certainly in most of them.

What happens when you do not have the means to get your hands on the happiness you most certainly deserve?

The answer is simple enough.

You get yourself the means in the form of loans. In the present times, getting a loan is far too easy, more accessible than even finding love.

You can borrow as much as you want and whenever you want it, and nobody can deny you. If, by chance, one lender does reject your application, there are far too many fish in the financial seas.

A loan helps you in

buying your favourite gadget that your pocket would not allow you to;

dealing with a sudden, unexpected and expensive expense;

getting your dream car for which you have been saving for years, yet haven’t saved enough;

acquiring education from an A-list university without worrying about the tuition fees.

Can you possibly tell me that the fulfillment of all of these will not bring you happiness?

When I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus through a loan, I was franking walking on clouds, I was that happy.

The Heavy Repayments

Money brings you happiness, and loans bring you the money you might not be able to accumulate in the time of need, so they also make you happy.

Due to this fact and the convenience of procuring loans, people tend to overdo it.

I have seen people who have taken a loan on top of another loan on top of maxing out their credit cards.

The result is not happiness.

It is often said that too of happiness is often blemished after a point, hence acquiring too many loans for achieving that happy high will also be marred.

The reason lies in the repayments.

Every loan that is taken has to be repaid since it is a debt, right? Repaying one loan or even two at a time is manageable. However, more than that becomes a burden on your mind and definitely on your finances.

And you must know that a burden cannot bring you happiness.

The Handiest Solution

If you do find yourself in a never-ending cycle of repayments for so many loans that you cannot even count them, do not worry.

There is a solution, and I will give it to you.

Debt Consolidation Loans are your answer.

  • These loans help you to convert all your separate loans into one, and hence, lessen your burden.
  • From credit card payments to unsecured debt, such a loan will help you in clearing out all your debt with the amount it is going to lend you.
  • Through debt consolidation loans, you also expend less on repayments.
  • And the fact that you are debt-free, except for this one loan, is relieved from the unwanted burden.

For instance,

You have five different loans with five separate interest rates and five separate repayments, bound to be heart-breaking for your monthly income.

If you take a debt consolation loan, you will be able to pay off all these loans and save money on interest through early repayments.

Then all you have to do is make one payment each month that would be lesser than all the other monthly instalments combined.

It is going to be a win for you and a loss for the burden.

I suggest that if you have a situation like this, the ideal solution is acquiring this consolidating loan and making your life happy like it was before.

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