3 Ways Debts Can Sabotage Your Health & How Loans Can be the Cure

Ailsa Adam October 21, 2021

Money means a lot of things…comfort, privileges, access, quality, sickness!

Wait! What?

Yes, money can be the reason for sickness too!


When it charges you in the form of debts.

If you don’t believe this, then you have got to know Jenny’s story. She is a graduate of Cambridge, and she knows what it feels like to know you have got payments waiting at your door and you have nowhere to go.

“When I knew that I couldn’t do something about these payments right now but my lenders need them back anyway; I felt like a helpless kid who has but no other options to stare at her lenders.” Jenny told us in an interview.

“You know money can buy you fun; comfort; lavish articles or appliances; a cool home…sometimes it can buy you things you never needed as well. But when it goes ‘beast mode’; it reveals itself in the form of debts…here and there…and they don’t let you think or sleep or take the next, good step.”

On being asked of the solution, Jenny said to us, ”Well, I had my parents to go to. But, I’m pretty much sure a lot of girls and dudes don’t even have that opportunity. However, my parents weren’t able to fund me fully. I had a really large debt to my landlord. It was a lot of money and I didn’t even start working then.”

Jenny didn’t have an idea that a bad debt like that could be paid with a good debt until she met her employer, who advised her of loans.

“And then I knew there can be cash flow in life as well. I took this £15,000 in the form of a personal loan and I wasn’t sure if I was about to pay it back in time. I mean…I was scared to borrow such a high amount of money. But it worked”, and she smiled.

Jenny now works at an advertisement firm as a copywriter and blogger. She is paying off her debt in a monthly plan with interest to a professional lender.

But there’s something more!

“As long as I didn’t have the loan; my health deteriorated and now I have hypertension as my partner for life.”, she said.

You don’t want that to happen to you.

What Debts  Can Do to You

Debts are the things we want to get rid of. They don’t allow us to think and make positive changes in our lives.

That’s probably something you already know.

But what you might not know is that debts can affect your mental and physical wellbeing to a certain level where you might need to compensate your health for the rest of your life.

And it is not a joke.

Quoting a study from Drentea and Lavrakas (2000), we came to know that a huge number of people suffering ‘debt related issued developed obesity’ and, with it, cardiovascular diseases.

Can you understand the impact of these issues?

You will understand with the following list.

Hypertension and High Blood Pressure

According to doctors in the UK; several studies have found that anxiety and the stress of finishing off a debt has a link to hypertension and high blood pressure.

Medical science states that heightened emotional stress and constant nervousness may be the reason for chronic hypertension.

These issues arise from the inability to repay the debts and from the tension caused by insufficient income, domestic and social responsibilities, medical emergencies, and other factors that catalyse the debt issue more and more.


Although we tend to hide it, we need to understand that it is even a more dangerous situation than most of the world’s dangerous ailments.

Doctors and health professionals have noticed that people with high debts to return feel overwhelmed by the circumstance. Such a feeling might happen for significant debt factors like bad credit. Many look for healthy solutions like taking a bad credit loan, but many others cannot access the solution, whereas anyone can do so with little to no effort.

The reason is the lack of motivation.

Doctors suggest that people should be counselled and shown hope and empathy by friends and families had the latter identify symptoms of depression in them. Professional lenders might also take part in this process.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

As terrifying as it may sound, these two complex neurological diseases can affect anyone. Although the elderly are at a greater risk of developing them, the younger generation is not outside its clutches.

Physicians have found that Alzheimer’s and Dementia have a slightly low rate of affecting those suffering from debt.

But the threat exists.

Studies have found people struggling to return long term debts have suffered from borderline dementia and Alzheimer’s because of constant stress, mental fatigue, the feeling of helplessness and the lack of empathy.

While the last one can still be managed with enough social education, the former can be less problematic if worthy solutions are determined to help a person overcome debts quickly.

How Loans Can be the Saviour

Loans can help you in many ways from such a drastic trouble like debts. Here are a few ways:

You Can Pay Timely EMI

Whether or not you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, managing monthly instalments can be a serious issue when you have other debts in mind. Take a personal loan and never get delayed to pay a monthly amount.

You Can Recover Your Bad Credit Score

Lenders often call it the best way to secure your credit history. If you have failed payments; or missed repaying loans at the right time, which made your credit score low, that’s okay. You can still take a bad credit loan and help your score recover by repaying the loan in the right ways, which is too timely. Later, you’ll get more benefits too.

Pay Multiple Debts at the Same Time

Worried about too many debts? Take a debt consolidation loan that pays off all your debts at the same time. Many enterprises also offer debt consolidation loans where your lender interacts directly with previous lenders and involves their professional ideas to help you more efficiently.

To Conclude: Loans Help You Be Organised Too

Loans give you an amount not for repayment but for making you more systematic and organised in managing your finance.

With a loan, you now get the privilege of tracking your expenses as well.

No wonder that solves all of the problems!

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